We’ll Meet Again


For the past couple days Monsieur Holmes and I have been safe in Austin, following up on what few precious leads we have on the case.

We went to the G’Raj Mahal yesterday morning, and we asked the staff if they knew of a Melissa Glaser. Dieu merci, the cashier recognized her name and knew her as a loyal customer, but sadly they could not tell me where she was. As a loyal customer they only knew that the regularity of her visits was interrompu récemment; they heard vaguely that it was wedding, but of hers they could not say. We had little option, so we decided to part our ways again; Holmes would find the supplier of the staple gun, while I would wait to see if she would return to the G’Raj Mahal for a touch of café.

And indeed, dieu merci, today as I was, as you say, “on the verge” of giving up, I heard the name Melissa Glaser being called for a coffee drink called a cappucino (do not ask me what it is!). I was able to speak with her, but all too briefly; I asked if she was Melissa Glaser, and she said yes. I introduced myself and I asked her about a stolen painting and further the disappearance of Jack Vincent; upon hearing the name she seemed to grow a vehemence. She denied that she knew anything and quickly shuffled away onto the streets. Strange meeting I thought; but I noticed a useful detail. Around her finger was the mark of agitation from a recently worn ring, although there was no ring there. It makes me believe that Melissa Glaser was indeed the bride of this wedding, but that it might not be going well.

I have another matter to discuss. As a result of my cooperative venture with Monsieur Holmes, and the understanding that I will not pursue another case privately after I have ceased with Monsieur Holmes, that I should relocate my online activity to his blog, and that I should retire this site. It will not mean that I retire mon commentaire; far from it! In fact, I believe reading Holmes’ writing might just force my hand in writing even more – someone must keep that occasionally insufferable Englishman, as you say, “in check”. Beyond that, I make it easier on you. I would have him bring his commentary to my sight, but Holmes, beyond being a stiff cold man, can also be quite stubborn, so I believe it is best to volunteer. I will miss the website; it has done me a good service. Still, when the time has come to let something go for the sake of usefulness, I must let it go.

If you wish to follow me from now on (Dieu vous bénisse!) you may go to Holmes’ website, londontales.ezblog.co ; thank you for your wonderful devotion and I hope that it will not change.

Au revoir.

Hercule Poirot

4 Responses to “We’ll Meet Again”

  1. QXZenith Says:

    Cher M. Poirot,

    Vous allez me manquer en cette site, mais vous inquiétez pas; je déjà lis le blag de M Holmes, et je vais bien sûr a continuer si vous allez a ecrire là.

    Votre alliée loyale,

  2. Dryunya Says:

    Hello again, Monsieur Poirot.

    I believe we have information about Melissa Glaser. We suspect that she’s Don Juan’s fiancee (or, considering what you said, ex-fiancee): he mentioned that his bride’s name is Melissa, and he may be involved in your case. She may know more than she is willing to tell.

    Good luck on your case.

  3. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Dear Monsieur Poirot:

    Don Juan has a good relationship with his fiancee, but they probably divorced, for reasons that are still unknown. We suspect that she found out something terrible about him. She may know much more about him. Track her down. You may find some useful information.

    Also, I am glad that you and Holmes are finally working together and seem to be having a good friendship.

    Hopefully you two can get back home soon.

    Your fan and ally,

    The Wild West Pyro.

    PS: Good luck on the case. Adieu for now!

  4. Scarab Says:

    This’ll be posted on both your blog, and on Holmes, just in case the usual methods of getting this to you fails:

    The story for reficitonalising the witch: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_g7nz_pWeK9azlVRHVISlZHbHM/edit?pli=1

    I know her quite well, so trust me when I say actually, she may even be willing to go back of her own accord. She is, after all, longing to go home as it is. Just… try and distract her from her target.

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