On this Letter

I have heard little of Monsieur Barker over the past several days, and naturally it worries me. I have little information to go off of, and no way of delivering it to the man in question.

Some of you had been asking about the letter; j’oblige;

It was appeared to be some sort of letter written in legal fashion; it describes a transaction that occurred between a Justice A. Turpin of the Crown, and a Mrs. N. Lovett regarding the custody of a young girl, Joanna Barker. According to the document, in return for a recompense of 30 pounds sterling, Mrs. N. Lovett would declare Joanna orphaned, pravulus desolo per parentis, and that she would not contest the right of Justice Turpin to take custody over the said child. I am not sure, however, how this information could help, or if it does; sadly it is written in the obtuse langue d’avocats.

Perhaps you may be able to find something else that I do not.


29 Responses to “On this Letter”

  1. H Says:

    I believe parvulus desolo refers to the lawful abandonment of a child by their parents. However, we believe Ms. Lovett may have been coerced into signing said document

  2. H Says:

    Judge Turpin framed Todd and raped Todd’s wife. He wished to repellently marry Johanna. To that end he adopted her. When Todd started murdering, she may have worked unknowingly for him. Others believe he was her father. Mrs Lovett murderered with Todd. The 2 may have been lovers. She is also hideously poor, and may well have sold her daughter. If the daughter was indeed also Todd’s, you can understand his distress.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      Monsieur, you go too quickly. Let me say this: the parchment on which it was written was old and worn, perhaps ten or twenty years of age. And if we are to believe that Turpin raised Joanna since whatever incident happened to Barker’s wife – whatever it may be – it would have taken place when Joanna was but un bébé! If Turpin did indeed coerce Mrs. Lovett, I could imagine it was not because he saw this infant child and wished desperately to marry her. Perhaps it was out of guilt, perhaps it was to silence Mrs. Lovett, so that his scandal with Lucy Barker would not be revealed.

      Even so, what of it? He took custody of Joanna legally, and provided witness to that effect. What does this prove? Only that Joanna was not being cared for by her parent. If Lucy were willing and able to contest it, the claim would be altered; Justice Turpin would be eager to prove that Lucy was insane and unable to care for the child. As such he would have paid Mrs. Lovett to testify to that effect, if he wished so greatly to obtain the infant Joanna. But non; he instead claimed that the child was an orphan, and in this claim he achieved the testimony from Mrs. Lovett. Why? Likely because it was only Mrs. Lovett who could contest the claim that Joanna was an orphan. But if so, that would mean that Lovett was caring for the child herself, perhaps temporairement. Why? Either because Lucy Barker was dead, or Lucy Barker had left her child. Zoot alors – back where we started!

      • barkingmad Says:

        You do nothing but talk and talk and TALK! I should NEVER have trusted you with a matter so near to me. Perhaps the… hairy abomination… living on your upper lip is getting in the way of your thinking…

        Mayhap… that it is a problem that wants solving.

  3. H Says:

    Such a set of events could easily indicate coercion. Cicumstantial, true, but fairly damning nonetheless.

  4. narrativedilettante Says:

    Mrs. Lovett could easily have been convinced to lie in a legal document for the price of 30 pounds. I believe she knew that the girl’s mother, BB’s wife, was still alive, but there were few others with this knowledge and Mrs. Lovett was in a situation to make a small amount of personal gain in return for giving the child to Judge Turpin.

  5. barkingmad Says:

    You say nothing of the only matter of importance – whether Lucy survived or not. You have taken long enough, Monsieur Mustache. I must now take matters into my own hands. You’re worse than that pie-making woman, swearing that you would do something to find Lucy and then sitting on your hands and refusing to seek out real proof. I’ve had enough! No more! No one had mercy on Lucy then. There will be none now for those who refuse to find the truth. NO MERCY!

    • S_o_S Says:

      Dear Mr. Todd, fear not. We are on your side, and are going to do everything we can to return you to your wife safe and sound. Remember too that your daughter Joanna is alive and well, if being held by that vile Turpin. She can be rescued, but you must allow us to help. You must trust us, Mr. Todd, and your therapist too. We only wish to help you.

      • barkingmad Says:

        I have had enough of trust. Naively believing men would do as they swore was what destroyed my family. I will not waste time on promises again. I’ve learned that much in my own world, and I’ve seen nothing different in yours to teach me otherwise.

    • S_o_S Says:

      Dear Mr. Todd, I wish to show you an image. If you can see it, please tell us so. This image is your wife, Lucy Barker, who has fallen on rather hard times, and taken to begging. You may well have seen her on the streets of London. This photograph is from an adaptation of your universe. I realise you may not be able to see it, but if not, please say so, and I will search for something else. The image is found at the following link:

      • S_o_S Says:

        Please look closely.

      • barkingmad Says:

        You are saying Lucy isn’t dead but has become a beggar, one I have spoken with no less? Where do you get such ideas? Whatever you wished to show me as evidence did not appear. You must try again if you wish for this night to pass without incident.

      • narrativedilettante Says:

        Mr. Todd, I ask you to consider the possibility that the beggar you met is Lucy. A lot of time had passed between the last time you saw Lucy and your meeting that beggar. Perhaps time has changed you both, so that one who knew either of you from before might not recognize you now. Can you remember if that beggar said anything that implied she might recognize you?

    • S_o_S Says:

      Mr. Todd, we have found evidence which you are capable of seeing, as other like you can verify. Behold the summary of your story below. Mr. Todd, we have the power to send you back to this world, and we can give you the power to change the fates of you, your wife and child. I know you have issues trusting us, and I accept this. I only hope that this is enough proof for you.


      • barkingmad Says:

        Indeed, I can read this! And it seems to be an authoritative source in your world. Give me a moment to see what I can learn.

      • barkingmad Says:

        She is alive! What she must have suffered in my absence. Not even our lovely Johanna for company and only the streets for a home. My poor, poor Lucy.

      • barkingmad Says:

        My God… what is this? In the end she dies by my hand? I know you say that you can change our fates, but how can you be sure? And even if I return now, Turpin still lives and Johanna is lost to me. And my beloved Lucy’s mind is gone… how can I be sure that my returning won’t further destroy the people I love?

      • S_o_S Says:

        We have an ability. An ability to send you back to your own time, so that you can use your knowledge to change your actions, reunite with your family, and give Turpin exactly what he deserves – the very closest of shaves.

  6. H Says:

    As I mentioned, I believe that Mrs. L was on the point of utter and abject poverty. It is easy to ‘persuade’ someone in those circumstances. And Mr.Mad: PLEASE do not take matters into your hands. M. Poirot is a fine detective and is doing EVERYTHING in his power to find your wife. Help and assist him in every way

  7. barkingmad Says:


    • narrativedilettante Says:

      Please don’t let H get to you. Your wife is alive, but we have no proof that you can see. We’re trying to find ways to prove to you that Lucy lives. Do not give up hope.

      • barkingmad Says:

        Do you think there is something that might have survived my coming here? I have searched and searched for answers on my own but everything I found was blank.

      • narrativedilettante Says:

        We’re currently trying to find things that might have survived your coming here. However, we’re not confident that you’ll be able to see any of these things. Given past experience, we suspect that they may also appear blank to you. If you’re willing to indulge us, we can provide some links that have a chance of working.

    • Scarab Says:

      So I trust you know now.
      Please know this: The future CAN be changed for you. What you read of has not yet happened in your history, yes? You haven’t yet killed any beggar women? Then you have not killed Lucy.
      However you must be truthful with her when you return… let her see what has become of you. Let her see why you did what you did. There is hope for a future for you both, but only with trust. Revenge has never solved anything before, Benjamin Barker, no matter how you thought it might have. It won’t be the solution now.
      Good luck.

      • barkingmad Says:

        It is true, I have not fallen quite so far as the story SOS shared tells. I believe Lucy lives. Yet I fear for her, and for myself, should I return. Who knows whether our stories are born of fate or of choice? But you have done well, all of you, to reveal the truth to me. However grief now weighs so heavily upon all my choices… I cannot think but that it would have been better were I never created. I must have time to consider my next actions. For now, farewell.

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        I speak this to you, Monsieur Barker, and to all; merci. For seeing the light, and trusting our word, Monsieur Barker, merci. And to you all, for not letting up and helping this man to know the truth, when I could not do it on my own, merci.

        Bravo, mesdames et messieurs.

  8. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Dear Mr. Barker:

    God bless your wife.

    The Wild West Pyro

  9. H Says:

    Mr Barker: You will be able to return. You also will be able to find your wife. I am sorry if I annoyed you.

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