To report to you on this ‘BB’

I have in my own fashion solved the mystery of this ‘BB’, yet I do not how to explain it. So let me tell you what I know.

This ‘BB’ in truth goes by the name Benjamin Barker. By all appearances he is a quiet and reserved man, a hard worker, very keen to do his fair sure in services around the coop, particularly the garden and library. He has almost no record with the coop; by their account he has no family listed. He does not talk about his past; by reputation he rarely speaks of anything at all, but he seemed to have been warming up to his fellow residents more recently.

Yet in going to the coop, meeting with him, from what I have heard of him, from the details he has given me, it seems clear that his placement here in this time and place is as my own – a mysterious lifting from our own times to some alternate universe. Therefore what he told the psychoanalyst is true; he is, in truth, a serial murderer. However he committed them in his own time, refashioning himself in his malice as Sweeney Todd, in retaliation for his wife who was abused quite harshly in his absence and therefore attempted suicide. I say attempt, though he insisted that she actually committed suicide, but from the full description of his story I had my doubts about it. There were many inconsistencies that he neglected to address but he was angered at my suggestion; he left me in great distress over the notion that his wife could still be alive – or, let us more appropriately say, is alive in the time that he came from.

I will speak with the psychoanalyst shortly, thought I do not know what I will say. I have not decided what case to take on yet, but I am packing my bags.

Hercule Poirot

22 Responses to “To report to you on this ‘BB’”

  1. BeyondCoMpReHeNsIoN Says:

    I say continue to provoke him. Sweeney is obviously hiding important information you could use! He could be dangerous. I say delve into him more.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      Monsieur, I have provoked much already by breaking into his coop, observing his materials and telling him my well-deduced if ill-informed suspicion that his wife is still alive…

      He has held a razor to my throat already; do you wish him to do so again?

      • BeyondCoMpReHeNsIoN Says:

        Risking your life is part of your job is it not? I guess I was wrong. Not enough guts I suppose. It’s understandable. To fear such a weak minded person. People are like that I guess.

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        You misunderstand me, Monsieur. I am simply indicating to you that I have much to lose in provoking Monsieur Todd, and you neglect to tell me why I would have as much to gain. You say it is obvious that he hides something, that in provoking him it is worth doing so. If it is not impolite to ask – quel est-il? what?

      • BeyondCoMpReHeNsIoN Says:

        Oh you’re good. I was hoping Sweeney would kill you but you are too smart. I am sick of this crappy “pretend I am helping crap” it’s already too late for you and you didn’t need my help.
        Goodbye “Monser” or whatever the hell you french people use.

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        JE SUIS BELGE, COCHON! I have heard enough from you!

      • BeyondCoMpReHeNsIoN Says:

        Good, because I have heard just about enough of you as well.

      • Sicon112 Says:

        Sorry about that asshole, Poirot. He is what is known as an internet troll. They just like to get people worked up for no real reason other than their amusement. The best way to deal with them is to just ignore them completely and go back to what you were doing.

        Also, I will keep giving you this same warning until I m sure you have seen it. There are VERY dangerous people in your vicinity. There are at least four members of the group, and they are likely to take drastic action if you get into this too deeply. I need you to be careful, and above all make sure they cannot harm or get into contact with the Dr. Larson or Todd. We have information from the good doctor herself that they are sending her death threats and such. Please do not allow them to follow through.

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        Hmm… I am interested about this ‘group’ you tell me of. It appears there are machinations surrounding Dr. Lawson which is quite disturbing.

        In the course of my investigation of the Dr. Lawson’s client, I believe I may have stumbled upon a piece of evidence which, it seems, is relevant to your investigation as well. It seems this attack on Mme. Lawson was planned here:

        Hopefully this manner of assistance shall be sufficient for now. At present time, I must divert my attention to my paying clients. This Monsieur Barker or Monsieur Todd, however you wish, is in something of a state of protest about his wife, and I may have to stay in Boston for sometime longer than I may have hoped.

      • Dekso Says:

        If you don’t mind me asking Poirot, how did you think that link?

      • Dekso Says:

        *find that link

  2. Sicon112 Says:

    As usual, it takes you much less time than it takes us to figure this stuff out. It took us a week or more to be sure of that. Good luck with whatever you decide to do about this.

    Again, be warned that there are hostile forces in your general area, and they are VERY manipulative and cunning. They are likely responsible for the incidents in London, and are also from another time and world just like you. There is a possibility that they are event he cause of what transported you here.

    Be extremely careful, friend.

  3. Dryunya Says:

    It may be too much to ask, but I think you should investigate the people who are stalking him. You’d help us immensely. Even a vague hint about their appearances would suffice.

  4. The Wild West Pyro Says:

    Monsieur Poirot:

    I suggest in order to find out more, go find a book named Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It will help you understand more about BB.

    Sincerely, The Wild West Pyro

  5. Wysp Says:

    @ TWWP: The *movie* is called “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” The original novel, if memory serves, is called The String of Pearls.

    @ Poirot: Your reports are proving immensely helpful. If you have time after this case, I have another one for you.


    • TheWildWestPyro Says:

      Oh yeah!

      Sorry about that, just that some books have the title The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, it just got me very confused.

  6. Yvonmukluk Says:

    I sincerely suggest you ignore BeyondCoMpReHeNsIoN’s ‘Advice’ Monsieur. He is either what is termed a ‘troll’ who is attempting to deliberately anger you (perhaps not fully comprehending the reality of the situation), or worse, one of the Cabal of which my comrades have already alerted you.

    Please take care, monsieur. I know we have never met, but I would be deeply saddened if something terrible happened.

  7. QXZenith Says:

    Monsieur Poirot,
    A friend of mine is in need of investigative services, but would probably not be very understanding about your mildly fictional nature. I would like to refer her to you, but don’t want to use the wrong name– should I use your real name, or your former pseudonym of Reynald Saint-Jerome?
    Much thanks,

  8. Scarab Says:

    I don’t blame you, frankly, if I were around him I’d run a mile too.

    Please be careful, as others say here, there are dangerous people afoot. Watch out for anyone who may indicate in any way that they are members of a group known as The Cabal. Keep your wits about you, because we don’t believe they are to be trusted. They’ve already threatened many, including the psychiatrist you worked with.

    We are very worried for the psychiatrist you mention. Is there any possible way in which she can be protected in case her aptient… turns?

  9. More on the Cabal « Watch the Footage Says:

    […] warned on Sunday by our own forumites about the dangers that the Cabal present, which led him to do a little digging. He found this archived chat session, connecting to his own […]

  10. Sicon112 Says:

    Poirot, we may have a problem. I’ve just received news of Todd’s current condition, and he is in a rather dangerous state of mind. He has become extremely agitated by the idea that his wife may still live and wants to search for her.

    I know how dangerous it is for you to speak with him, but I need you to get in contact with him again. If at all possible, use a safe method, such as a letter. I need you to tell him what is really happening: That he has been yanked out of his reality and transported far away in a world that regards his existence as a myth. Tell him that the time he spends here has no connection to his own reality, so that when he returns he may go back to a point at which he can easily save his wife. Then inform him that you are in contact with a group of people already setting things up so that he may return, and perhaps they may be able to work out a way to send him back in time to stop his wife from ever being harmed in the first place.

    If you can, I would like you to serve as our connection to Todd via letters such as this. I would rather not drag the therapist into such dangerous matters. She is already getting death threats as it is, and we ourselves have recently been assaulted by a group led by none other than Morgana Lefey and James Moriarty. This is the same group to whose chat you just linked us, and I have reason to believe they are in the city of Boston with you right now. At least, some of them are. I believe Moriarty is busy attempting to trap Holmes in New York, but he is working with us for now, and we should be OK.

    Thank you in advance, friend.


  11. S_o_S Says:

    Hercule, we have a problem. According to the psychoanalyst, Todd has now gone missing. He is no longer staying in his accommodation and has missed a session with the analyst. He may well return to his more… psychopathic tendencies.

    In addition, it’s been almost a week since we’ve heard from you – where have you been?

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