Boston Bound

I’m sorry that I have been late to post. I have much to report from Boston, Massachusetts.

Though I was relatively inactive at the Ball, I conversed casually and was able to enjoy myself; that was until I ran into the detective Sherlock Holmes again!! I found myself in quite a spot, arguing back and forth with the man, and I scarce think what the party goers thought of us (perhaps, even, un couple romantique!) Yet though he was clearly angry at me, and I at him, we had an opportunity to reconcile and, though there was not much we could discuss in the location, we decided on meeting at a particular cafe the next day.

Having solved the case of the Messieurs Hendrisckson and Morena, I was eager to go through a new mystery. I contacted mons bienfaiteur and I asked him which case of those I had received he wished me to solve. Luckily he chose one that I found most intriguing myself. It is a case in Boston, Massachusetts, and admittedly on description it seems a relatively simple case of observation, but there is some intrigue; the call was from a psychoanalyst who claimed her patient confessed to some murders, but sadly it was in a drunken rage and he would not give such a confession before the police; nor can she, for she is bound by the promise of confidentialité. Hercule Poirot takes all his work seriously. Besides, this man has done great work for me, and I am keen to return the favor.

After deciding upon the case, I met the man Holmes in the restaurant, and I found our discussion to be quite amiable. We agreed that our circumstances indicate that someone was playing a malicious ruse on us and that it was better for us therefore to join forces. He likewise expressed his own interest in my case. Delighted was I at his willingness to forgive my past indiscretions! He asked if he could join me to Boston,  and I said as long as he could meet me in the train station I would agree.

Yet once again, with much frustration Holmes and I are separated once again; only this time it is without explanation. I waited in the Grand Central, waited and observed and waited, but he was nowhere to be found! And trains, they do not wait for the casual social encounter. If I had to be on time – and perish the day when Poirot is not on time! – I had to leave and immédiatement! As pleasantly modern as the new train ride was, I could not help but wonder if I should be insulted at Holmes’ rude disregard, or be frightened for something that may have happened to him. Fearful, I decided the only way to ease my mind was – quelle ironie – was to contemplate this potential tueur en série.

The client is a psychoanalyst person who wanted me to investigate a man that in confidentialité she calls “BB”. She says that this man is technically homeless but he lives on some sort of living arrangement that she calls a coop (like he is a chicken, I suppose?) inhabited by some political intellectual friends that are preferable to animals (appropriate, then, as they live in a coop). He has been seeing the psychoanalyst for his anger issues, but in the course of his therapy this BB confessed to many bloody murders. Nevertheless they have much reason to believe that this man is in reality psychotic and possibly with some sort of dark past that his psychosis is attempting to hide.

He contacted me in figuring out whether or not I was able to investigate and verify that this man suffers from delusion or whether he is a serial killer. Because I typically prefer solving conventional breaches of law rather than speculating about a man’s general innocence or guilt – that is poor practice for the little gray cells – I hesitated, but this Administrator was very keen that I should investigate. C’est la vie! I am here in Boston.

I will give you details about this man soon, but do tell me your theories.


9 Responses to “Boston Bound”

  1. NeverSlender Says:

    Monsieur Poirot, does this administrator wear a black suit and tie with a white shirt, and refuse to show his face?

  2. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Mr. Poirot:

    This ” Administrator” as you call him, we found out who he is.

    This video shall show you what he is.

    I was deeply saddened and angry to find out that Holmes had been blocked from checking out, as I was hoping you two would begin a friendship.

    We are all currently investigating a group called the Cabel, who hacked our site a few days ago. They threaten to do something terrible, but we do not know what it is.

    Here is evidence of their scheming:

    If you want to contact Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, here is his blog:

    And his website for informing him of new cases.

    I do hope you manage to start a friendship soon, like the ones you had with Inspector Japp and Captain Hastings.

    Sincerly, The Wild West Pyro.

  3. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Dear Monsieur Poirot:

    We believe the man to be Sweeney Todd, a barber and notorious murderer. However in this world, he has put away his crimes and decided to get a job. He has also noticed you following him and is nervous.

    Here are two links for your benefit:

    And we have compiled some evidence.

    I hope this will aid you in solving your case.


    The Wild West Pyro

  4. Sicon112 Says:

    Your man is one of our other persons of interest. As such, we have been in contact with his therapist for a while, though she does not quite know what is really happening. Judging from her last communication with us, she has informed you of the fact that some people told her that they suspected Sweeny Todd. I will leave it to my compatriots who are more involved in the Todd line to explain more. Suffice to say, he does not seem to be dangerous at this time, and the therapist is doing good work.

    In other news, I am glad to hear that we are now officially working together, as I am also in the employ of Mr. Administrator.

    As to Holmes, while he may be in danger, he is not yet harmed. His employer, unlike yours, may be very hostile to our cause, and may also be the one responsible for manipulating you both back in England. We believe his employer to be part of a cabal of people such as yourself who have been brought here in the recent events. In any case, a series of very unfortunate coincidences have cut him off for you for the time being, however there is still much help he can give us where he is. Don’t worry, my compatriots and I will keep an eye on him.

    As to yourself, be careful and watch out for people following you. The therapist may not have said anything to you, but she admitted to us that she was being inundated with threatening phone calls, and we suspect Sweeny is being followed by the very same Cabal I mentioned previously. Keep an eye on your surroundings, and be ready for anything. They are very good at manipulation, as you saw in England.


  5. narrativedilettante Says:

    As Sicon112 said, my compatriots and I believe BB to be Sweeney Todd. I’ll give you a little information about his story.

    Sweeney is a man who has been gravely wronged. He is unjustly exiled, and when he returns home he finds that the man who exiled him has raped his wife and is now raising his daughter. He seeks revenge on this man.

    Before he can proceed, though, circumstances force him into a situation where he sees no other option than to murder another man. At this point, he loses his moral compass entirely, and for the rest of his story he becomes a remorseless killer.

    We believe that Sweeney has already committed this first murder, but that he left his story before he could become fully mad and murderous. The work with the therapist seems to be doing some good, and I believe that Sweeney can yet be redeemed. He could become a force for good, working to absolve himself of past sins.

    However, if the Cabal begin to influence him, he may allow his inner turmoil to turn him to evil. My friends and I wish to protect Sweeney from the Cabal and from his own internal darkness.

    I hope you find this information helpful.

  6. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd Says:

    Be fearful Poirot, be fearful. Without the two of you able to join forces, HE will most likely win again. I wish you the best of luck with the Demon, but be warned. The enemy does not sleep.

  7. Wysp Says:

    Hum, what a coincidence that you seem to have met the therapist. Let me give you a rundown:

    Her patient is one Benjamin Barker, alias Sweeney Todd. He is a fictional personage such as yourself, and is in fact the serial killer he claimed to be. However, his therapist believes he is on the road to recovery and I, while I am concerned about her working with him, think there is a possibility that he might recover.

    Sicon is correct, the therapist has been threatened by a group called the Cabal, a group of four fictional people who desire to stay in our reality. We believe that at least one of them is responsible for the deaths of Leslie Okogwu and Peter Verhaeren, and consequently your less-then-amicable encounter with Holmes.

    One last thing: Don’t tell her I’ve told you this, because I’m not supposed to know any of these details either. In fact, just avoid mentioning me entirely if at all possible.

    With gratitude,

  8. Scarab Says:

    It seems that Holmes did indeed try to meet you at your destination, but soemthing has conspired against you both. He seemed entirely happy and willing to join you on your mission, but I fear his employer did not agree with those plans. Don’t worry you were not, as they say ‘fobbed off’.I’m sure he’ll be qutie happy to speak with you at a later date.

    And I agree with what everyone else has said here. We know this Mister Administrator and while he’s a little dubious, he’s certainly more trustworthy than Holmes’ current employer. We believe he too is being misled here.

    Please be careful.

  9. Slender Man Says:

    I would worry about Holmes if I were you Mr. Poirot.

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