And the Show Goes On (Slightly Behind Schedule)

I have the best of news to report; our case has been solved, Daniel and Esteban are safe, and the party will go on (although not quite as scheduled)!

It was exactly as I suspected; they found no bomb in their venue because there was no bomb in their venue – at least at the time that they were searching it. I expected this; the consistency with which their threat followed them each time they were planning the event, even after they changed venues, seemed to imply that the attacker was bringing a bomb to them on the day of the event rather than planting prior to the showing. Therefore I suspected that the attacker had to be one of the services that they were hiring.

I wanted to see which one of these services were behind the threat; however I didn’t want the attacker to be alerted; I wanted to make sure that he could be revealed, as you say, “red-handed”. So I told them to call each of the services and declare that they were cancelling their order, and specify that they were not doing so because they were postponing the event but because they were given a better promotional offer by a competitor, charging a nearly un-serviceable price. If the service had only monetary intentions, they would simply thank the couple for their service and hang up. But if the service was keen on delivering something else other than decorations or food, they would panic and attempt to offer an even lower price. And indeed, Daniel and Esteban made a call out to their local baker of cake – an Italian man called Enrico Vespucci – and when he was told that they had a promotional price for a newly opening shop, he desperately tried to get them to reconsider on the basis that he had already half prepared the cake, and eventually giving it to them for free as a one-time gift for their “special event.” With his offer, however, he revealed himself to be the culprit; he also revealed how it was going to be delivered to the party.

We had him deliver the cake early, seemingly because we needed to make sure it matched specifications, but truly because if some disaster happened it would not be in a crowded building. Enrico came with his cake, and he was greeted by police and a ‘bomb squad’ who quickly detained him and eliminated the threat. The police thanked me for my help in catching the culprit; I thanked them for their services and for my efforts I was allowed to speak with Enrico and understand his motive.

I hoped perhaps the man was not so outrageously cruel, that perhaps he had some motive beyond that which he found in his faith. I’m sorry to say that he had none. He was merely a bitter, angry man convinced it was his religious duty to attack this institution for their promotion of – I say it now – homosexuality (Daniel would wish me to be able to speak of it after all). What is worse is that the man is Catholic – I could scarcely believe it!  He asked of me why a fellow man of God would help the unrighteous; I was quick to tell him that he was not my fellow and he was no man of God, for their is no righteousness in murder and lawlessness.

Perhaps I found the case simple to solve, but I learned more than the culprit; though inside I am truly conflicted about the sexual practices as Daniel and Esteban, speaking to them and being able to respond to their hospitality made me more able to judge a man’s good nature, not by how he makes love but by how he demonstrates it.

And while there is much more to say, I have been busy; the Messieurs Hendrickson and Morena have been forced to reschedule the party to Monday tomorrow.  (Esteban did not think it so necessary to have the cake, but as I say, Daniel is obsessive with the details!) I myself am helping them send out the new invitations, making sure that all the special guests are invited…


11 Responses to “And the Show Goes On (Slightly Behind Schedule)”

  1. Flitterbie Says:

    Well, all’s well that ends well, so they say. And don’t worry, that man is representative of only a very small, though ofttimes vocal, portion of Christianity

  2. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Dear Monsieur Poirot:

    Thank you for solving this case- if the bomb had indeed gone off, many people would have been killed.

    I hope that this man, this religious fanatic, will soon repent.

    Even if homosexuals are not thought to be good in the Bible, God taught us to love our enemies, so we must forgive those two men.

    The Wild West Pyro

    PS: I hope this does not offend you, but Catholics today are rather….how shall I say it?… Conservative.

    I am just a Christian, not belonging to any other religious branch. But here is a hint for you at my identity: I was named after the name for Victory.

  3. Adell Says:

    Poirot, you are an incredible detective, as always and now have saved countless lives for your actions. We may not fully understand how you got here, but it puts me at ease to see the good you’ve done since you’ve crossed over.

  4. Dekso Says:

    Great job as always Poirot! Yet did you mean anything in particular about the ‘special guests’?

  5. Yvonmukluk Says:

    Congratulations, Monsieur! Yet another successful case.

    I was surprised to find the miscreants’ motive to be so…base. But that is the ugly truth of fanaticism, in the end. it troubles me that so many are driven to such terrible things by faith. Especially when they cherry-pick quotes from their own holy texts (be it Christian, Muslim or otherwise) to justify this, ignoring all of the teachings to be peaceful and compassionate towards their fellow man, regardless of their differences.

    But on to other matters. Have you considered contacting Mr. Holmes yet? I understand he is presently busy with a case (and may frown upon being interrupted), but perhaps once your schedules are free, you could arrange a meeting. If you’d like, I’m sure myself or one of my fellow ‘mutual friends’ of yourself and Mr. Holmes could act as intermediary, since the last meeting ended poorly.

    • Yvonmukluk Says:

      I just want to clarify-this go-between would solely arrange the meeting, and would not attend, unless by mutual agreement by you an Mr. Holmes. Especially as I am unsure who, if any, of my comrades are within that area to physically attend the meeting (I am currently confined to the Cotswolds, which while full of charming places to meet for learned gentlemen as yourselves, is somewhat out of your way to visit and vice-versa). I’m sure there are some, however. Would this arrangement be acceptable?

  6. Yvonmukluk Says:

    Monsieur, pardon my prying, but is the event a ‘Pride Masquerade Ball’ by any chance? Because it may intersect with Mr. Holmes’ current case:

    Due to the security arrangements, Mr. Holmes may need your assistance to get into the party and find the guilty man.

    • Yvonmukluk Says:

      The suspect’s name is Rupert bingley, by the way (although it’s entirely possible he is using an alias to avoid detection). Perhaps Daniel or Estaban know him? It might be an idea to get in touch with whoever’s in charge of security and tell them to keep an eye out.

      Best of luck capturing the miscreant.

  7. Scarab Says:

    Greetings. Congratulations on the solving of your most recent case.

    You may recognize me as another of the people who has been attempting to aid you. Alas, I’m not here for pleasantries. We were wondering if we might ask a favour of you. You see, we are gathering information on people like yourself who were dragged here from another world, and have begun to notice a pattern in their experiences with their ‘texts’ (that is, the stories in which they originated).

    You are aware now of your original nature, and are also aware no doubt that your origin lie in a series of books. I’m sure this was quite a shock to you, but you have adapted admirably, and our world is better for you.

    We were wondering if we could convince you to read one of these books. You don’t have to read the whole thing, just look through it, witness an adventure that you remember, and then return to tell us with whatever you discover. We would be extremely grateful if you could do this. The information you yield could prove invaluable.

    Your books are organized according to cases, so if there is anything that I’m sure you have no desire to re-experience, you can simply avoid that particular book. Or perhaps go as far back as to one of your earlier. Your books are available in almost every library and good bookstore. Or we could even track down a copy (I’m sure one of us owns them) and send it to you, if you prefer as we’re sure you’re very busy right now.

    Best regards from us all.

    • TheWildWestPyro Says:

      Perhaps these:

      Murder on the Orient Express?
      The Murder of Roger Ackroyd?
      Death in the Clouds?
      Death on the Nile?
      The ABC Murders?
      The Big Four?

      I’m just listing some books.

  8. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd Says:

    Poirot I must commend your epiphany and quick decisiveness in this case. However the case soon to come will be the most gruesome.
    Because when both guns are pointed against each other, the winner will be decided by who shoots first. Even though neither had to pull the trigger in the first place.
    Understand the conflict to find the peaceful solution Poirot.

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