The Business Development

A development with this murder. I called the man on the business card – a Swiss financier named Pascal Casanova, who had a reputation for being a no-questions asked, minimal information maker of investment transactions. According to him, he worked with Pierre de Cavaignac for the past two years on a rather vaguely described project involving Pierre financing  an investment portfolio for a third party (Pierre merely described as an intricate ‘gift’ for a friend). But a couple months ago Pierre asked a strange request to figure out where withdraws from the portfolio were going, as if he didn’t know. Nevertheless Pascal added a notification feature for major transactions made with the money. Over the two months it was discovered that financial capital was being sent to a particular account; moreover two days ago money from the account was used to pay a tuition for a 12th year student at the Ermitage boarding school outside of Paris. I did not get a name but I asked him what this number was on the back of the card; he said it was a room number at the school. (this information was known through perhaps less than legal means, so I will not provide details – not to mention I barely understand this money myself). I thanked him; I plan to visit this boarding school tomorrow.

10 Responses to “The Business Development”

  1. Flitterbie Says:

    Did Pascal say if he spoken to Pierre prior to the strange request, or had their content been in writing before that?

  2. Flitterbie Says:

    On an unrelated note, Sherlock has expressed interest in meeting with you peacefully. Thought you ought to know.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      A meeting with me peacefully? He accuses me of murder, breaks and enters into my hotel room (at least what he thought was my hotel room) and follows me all the way to Paris, France – and now he wishes to be peaceful? Zut alors! What reason do I have to trust his intentions?

      • Flitterbie Says:

        He admits to having acted rashly and not thinking logically. However your taking on of a case has persuaded him that you are likely on the level. Whether or not you choose to meet him remains your decision, however. I just felt that you ought to know your options.

  3. Hurt, Fang Says:

    Hello Mr. Poirot, I have but one thing to ask you. When you took the old couple’s statement at the party, did they tell you of anyone they met while wandering?

    I have a feeling that they must have, or if they didn’t then they would have seen someone re-entering the area that everyone else was.

  4. yankeewhite Says:

    Was Pierre being blackmailed? This ‘gift’ could be to pay for the support of an illegitimate child maybe? Hmmm, but Pierre did not know where this child was, what the money was being used for and started poking around. But why murder a man for trying to contact his own flesh and blood? If the truth came out that would be very embarrassing for his wife and for his family name. That’s all I’ve got, more questions than answers. 😦

  5. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Visiting the school tomorrow, I think that you will need to try and ask that student a few questions- every suspect can have useful information sometimes.

  6. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    And, Monsieur. Poirot, I am very, very, very, sorry about this, but I have to say this.

    We know you from a series of fantastic mystery books written by an author called Agatha Christie.

    I, like many others, did not know you were real- now I do, and I believe that you are real. However- do not try to read the books about you- they will appear blank.

    I am happy that you came into this world- lots of murders are happening. As well as that, I would like to inform you now on another subject- Holmes has realized that you are just another detective, not a murderer, and now has no ill or harmful intentions towards you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

    As for the Pieter Van Haeran case- the death reminds me of another one, known in a novel of Christie’s starring you, called The Big Four. A man had his head shoved into the fireplace.

    I hope you can solve that as well.

    And, as I am a Christian- I will say this to you:

    May you be protected from demons, nightmares, disturbing things, and Satan. May the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ our saviour, and God protect you always. God bless you.


    God bless you, Monsieur Hercule Poirot forever.

  7. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    And sorry for the spam: I am trying to make a message clear to you, that’s all.

    I wish you the best of luck on the case, Monsieur.

    The Wild West Pyro

  8. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    Oh, and, I reassure you- Holmes really trusts you now once me and Sicon yelled at him and told him for the utmost time that you was innocent.

    Take a look at this if you please. He would very much like to meet you.

    I hope you will work well with him in the future.

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