Terrible, Terrible News of Les Okogwu

Leslie Okogwu has been found dead! Quel dommage! And just when it seemed that I was on the verge of finding him and discovering what he was doing. I finally managed to locate his hub where he held his ‘business’. When I caught up with him he was having an argument with a tallish snappily dressed man, with whom he was apparently having apparent disagreement. I couldn’t make out the whole disagreement, but I heard this mysterious man threaten to kill Monsieur Okogwu and told him to “go back to the bush where he came from” before storming off. After the man stormed off I approached Monsieur Okogwu seeking to ask him home, so I introduced myself and I told him the name of my client, but he ran off as if he had heard the devil’s name.

But that morning I got a call from my client on the phone with the terrible news.  His head sustained a blow by some blunt force object and was cracked, and his body was found in a waste receptacle on Middle Temple Lane. But there is more; for Professor Moore seemed to know of this tall man and indicated that this Monsieur Hefner (for that is his name) was very dangerous and possibly violent! I suspect that had something to do with the man’s death, especially since he carried around an instrument of blunt force in the form of a decorative cane. Yet we must assume innocence without all the facts; more evidence must be collected!


21 Responses to “Terrible, Terrible News of Les Okogwu”

  1. Adell Says:

    Reynald, I believe I may have some information that can help with your case. I think there’s more foul play involved than you think and I believe you, as well as this Hefner are possibly both being set up to take the fall for someone else. Please comment soon.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      What do you mean there is foul play? Have you found something out about this Hefner? Please tell me!!

      • Adell Says:

        It relates back to your meeting with Verhaeren and Hefner’s meeting with Okogwu. Through my own investigations, I have discovered that both of these men have been murdered. This is why Verhaeren never showed up that night he had invited you for a talk. However, thanks to that meeting that you went to, it would indeed place you under suspicion of murder.

        HOWEVER, this is much the same with Hefner and Okogwu. Hefner has a blog of his own, and he as well is an investigator of sorts. In his blog, he was eventually encouraged by an odd commenter to meet with your Okogwu for supplies of some kind to help in his investigation. Shortly after, Okogwu was murdered. Do you see what I’m getting at, you were both LED to these victims just before they were killed, to place suspicion on both of you!

        As well, you both seemed to have been hired by someone who did not want to necessarily be address. Arther Moore, who I know believe is setting both of you up to take the fall for these murders. He’s laid clues out for you to suspect each other, in hopes that you’ll kill or arrest each other I’m not sure. But I’m fairly certain NEITHER of you are killers.

        It was thanks to your help with that letter, when we finally deciphered it, I found Hefner’s blog, where discussed his own investigations. Please, you need to be careful, because if Moore really is behind this, he most likely wants you BOTH out of the picture!

      • Adell Says:

        This is hefner’s blog: http://londontales.ezblog.co/

        You’ll notice, much like you are investigating him, he has ended up investigating you. Meanwhile, neither of you even noticed you were following each other, and more importantly both of you were led unintentionally to your victims…both pinned for murders you didn’t do, this much I’m sure.

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        Attendez une minute! Pieter Verhaeren is dead? Il est mort??? Why, somebody is trying to play an incredible ruse on me! If what you say is true, that Verhaeren is dead, I can only imagine that the motive of doing so would be to frame me in the process! But why? Why would somebody attempt to frame me in the process? The only person I can fathom would do so would be the same – Monsieur Hefner!

        You say you found out about this man with a letter; what did it say? Was it to absolve this man Hefner??

      • Adell Says:

        Reynald, please you need to keep calm. Don’t you think it’s a little too convenient that all of these seem to be happening? Look at his blog, the dates on his match up with yours fairly well, both of you met with your own ‘victims’ before they perished, and both of you were UNAWARE that your victims had died. Isn’t it also convenient that you just happen to get a poster that led to your meeting of Moore, which led to your investigation of Okugwu. That same meeting, where Hefner ended up seeing you angrily rant at Verhaeren. The only constant is Moore, who’s presence allowed you both to become suspicious of each other.

        What’s more, When you mentioned Moore to Okugwu, he ran scared! Why would he fear this man Moore? Especially if Hefner was supposedly the one who threatened his life. Let’s not forget, Moore is the one who put suspicion on Hefner in the first place for you, up till that point you had no idea what kind of man he was. Something is amiss, my friend, don’t just fall for the trap!

        Please, I need you to think back to when you went to your meeting with Verhaeren, did anything else happen? Hefner interrogated a receptionist sleeping on the job in his investigation of Verhaeren’s murder. Do you remember seeing a receptionist sleeping? Or construction going on around the building?

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        I… hadn’t thought that Okogwu was scared of Moore but was scared of me! After all, he was just addled by a man who called him an illicit dealer and to hear I was a detective surely could have scared him as well. And… I do recall that the receptionist was quite unusually dreary eyed when I entered and had completely fallen asleep by the time I left. And yes, there was some remodeling going on in the building. How have you come about these details?

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        Ah I see now; he has taken note of them in the blog; but what was it in the letter that led you to the blog? Why did you not answer the question?

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        Tell me Monsieur Adell, I demand to know quickly! What was in that letter? I have gotten forewarning that authorities from Mrs. Widdecombe are coming my way! Somebody has informed the English bobby of me in suspicion of this Verhaeren murder, and I do not know who it is but perhaps it begins with an H!

      • Kestral St. Willow Says:

        Adell is unavailable, I’m a friend, but the contents of the letter are unimportant! Hefner has been cornered by the police just like you are! This is only more proof of what Adell has told you! Now get out of there!

      • saintofdeduction Says:

        Do not EVADE me like I am a fool! I am in no position to play games; I have no time! WHAT DID THE LETTER SAY??

      • Kestral St. Willow Says:

        I agree; you are no fool. Fine. “I havE encodeV thiS letteR foR feaR oF reprisaL buT I feeL thE neeD tO warN yoU. thiS individuaL maY provE himselF dangerouS. pleasE staY alerT: londontaleS. ezbloG. cO. yoU arE ouR onlY hopE joE.” We don’t trust the sender.

      • Kestral St. Willow Says:

        The person we believe to be the sender of the letter is the same one we believe to have framed both you and Hefner. The letter only served to point out the conspiracy.

    • Adell Says:

      Reynald, I hope you find a way to see this.

      I apologize; as my friends have said, the letter when decoded did seem to assert that Hefner was not to be trusted. I however, believe it is all an elaborate plan to trick both of you. The only way I would be able to discuss this with you would be to mention the letter, of which the contents would immediate cause you to doubt my words. Whoever sent it is planning on you not believing me because of the contents of the letter. And I understand if you don’t because of it.

      However, I believe in you, I trust you, that is why I never once thought you were the one to kill Verhaeren. I also trust Hefner, as he has shown the same passion for investigation as you have. I have always tried to help you, I just ask that you trust me as well. You don’t need to believe every word, but believe that I just want to make sure true justice is served.

      If you still think Hefner is behind the murder, then continue your investigation of him (while of course avoid being arrested yourself), but please, at least ATTEMPT to look more into Arther Moore, see what his deal is exactly, because I PROMISE you there is more to him than meets the eye. I know you’re smart enough to figure this out, and know that my friends and I will do whatever we can to clear your name. Good luck my friend.

  2. Sicon112 Says:

    The letter was sent along with many ominous threats to a person Adell was in contact with over the internet, buy the name of Joe. The letter appeared without any way to trace it back to the sender, nor any sign of how it reached him. The text was:

    “I havE encodeV thiS letteR foR feaR oF reprisaL buT I feeL thE neeD tO warN
    yoU. thiS individuaL
    maY provE himselF dangerouS.
    pleasE staY alerT:
    londontaleS. ezbloG. cO. ”

    From what information I have been able to collect, both from you and from him, as well as the information I have gotten through my own searches, something ominous is going on. Two deaths have already occurred, and someone who has significant control of the police system is after to you and multiple others. The letter is EXTREMELY suspicious! GET OUT OF THERE.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      What I am about to say to you is important; you were told that this man is dangerous, and whoever told you went through the care of encoding this message so that man would not find out. If you are doubt his claim, do so; but do not dismiss it.

      I must fly in the night. I do not know when I will be able to return but we shall see.

      • Sicon112 Says:

        Wise words. Actually, I just said something similar to someone else myself, so it has a certain irony to it. I will make sure to consider all facets of this situation and gather information. If you return, I will be sure to report everything I have speculated and theorized, if you haven’t beaten me to it.

        Good luck and Godspeed.

  3. yankeewhite Says:

    My only advice at this point is to talk to the receptionist, she’s been fired, so good luck finding her. I suggest this because Monsieur Hefner was told by the receptionist that you entered at 2pm and left at 4:30pm, plenty of time for murder and body disposal. Granted Mr. Hef could be lying, or the receptionist was lying. Or she’s telling the truth BUT was lead to believe it was 4:30 when it was in fact NOT. That’s why you must ask the receptionist yourself. You know what must be done. Investigate the Verhaeren murder, find the real killer to clear your name.

  4. Wysp Says:

    Wysp here again, sorry for never getting back to you on the question of my…associate, I shall call him.

    However, I do believe that you are Hefner share another, particularly fascinating (to me, at least) acquaintance. I believe he goes by the name of “Raikespeare” or something similar on the internet?

  5. the Wild West Pyro Says:

    Sir- I have something to tell you- if you are reading this- be incredibly careful.

    Professor Moore, we suspect, is the enemy of Sherlock Holmes- Professor Moriaty. Moriaty is incredibly brutal, and is known to be able to commit several crimes across the globe at once on different countries.

    The murders- incredibly horrifying in my opinion- all are evidence of Moriaty.

    And Poirot- work together with Holmes if he arrives! You two are brilliant detectives, and Holmes hates Moriaty.

    Finally- RUN. Run away from the police. If you have a mask, keep it on at all times. Get on the Orient Express to somewhere safe immediately. I’m sending this to you, Poirot, because I want you to live.

  6. TheWildWestPyro Says:

    And sorry for calling you Poirot, sir. I mean, from now on, you shall be called Reynald. KEEP YOUR MASK ON.

    And Holmes is now Hugh.

    Delete the post as soon as you finish reading it.
    Your identity is at sake. Mr. A will kill you.

    Be careful, Reynald.

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