An Olive Branch Foresaken!

Of all the rude things in the world I encountered a most despicable one today! Of all the people in the world for me to trust as well, that I should trust so vile a man! Last night Pieter Verhaeren himself called the Widdecombe residence wishing to speak to me, and he told me that he would like a better chance to consider my ‘reluctance’ to accept his politics. He went so far as to invite me to his residence, the local Hastings Hotel in London, where he claimed to wish to speak to me personally! He said he wished to discuss some of his positions which he has ‘updated’ since we last met each other. I was skeptical, but I went anyway. The instructions told me to meet him up in his room, and that I should wait if he isn’t in there already. So I come to the hotel, come up to his room with the direction of the receptionist, find the door was open, but – mais, qu’est-ce qui est manqué? He wasn’t there. So per instruction I wait. Forty minutes I wait before I decide to leave! He just invited me over to the hotel so he could stand me up and insult me? I swear I could throttle the man!

I do not know what should led me to have trust him; perhaps I was emboldened by the information given to me this very morning by our old friend Arthur Lincoln – though now I should say Jack Mason – who was sitting in prison awaiting trial for a barrage of crimes. By chance I happened to visit him in Brixton Penitentiary, and he indicated to me that he knew of the very some young man Leslie Okogwu. By his description Les was an ‘associate’, an unaffiliated salesman in the trade in which Jack was a provider. He told me the best time to visit him was in the late afternoon. I would have visited Okogwu this very day – except that I was to meet Monsieur Verhaeren. Quelle ironie! That I should find integrity in this Jack Mason, a sworn and tried criminal, and fail to find any in Verhaeren, who calls himself a politician! Tomorrow I should find Okogwu, and I will do what I can to bring him back to King’s College where he belongs, where good men as Professor Moore care about his wellbeing!


8 Responses to “An Olive Branch Foresaken!”

  1. Adell Says:

    Have you heard word Verhaeren since this meeting? Is it possible that something had happened to him? His door was wide open and no one was inside. That kind of implies that he had left at some point…with the door open, and did not return in the time you were there. Do you know if he ever returned to the room? Something about it just seems suspicious that he would take so much time just to mess with you. Regardless of his politics, it still seems a bit much for even a man like him.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      I should be honest, Monsieur Adell; as perhaps the user theWildWestPyro can attest, behind the polite and urbane exterior that I present a la mode lies a man of great passion, and occasionally great rage. At the lecture though I skimmed over the detail I must confess that I was overtaken with such rage and lashed out all but physically at Verhaeren. We had never met before but in the short time I imagine that he found me quite disagreeable. When he called the Widdecombe residence for me I could tell he was repressing great anger himself – as was I – but he seemed eager to meet me under the conditions I described to you, although I do not believe it below his character to do so simply to smite me in some fashion.

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      However, your inquiry has brought up a good point; there are some details to this puzzle I have not figured out; why it should be that he was able to obtain the number of the Widdecombe residence, or why conveniently a day before the event a flier should appear on the doorstep, as if I were being brought to him against my will. And since that day I have not heard from him or of him about the nature of his absence. Of course I have been somewhat occupied with the Okogwu case, and I found his disposition so rude already that I did not expect a call explaining himself. Nevertheless tomorrow I should give it more thought.

  2. Adell Says:

    I know your very busy most likely with your investigations, but I was wondering if your offer of help was still available. I have recently received a letter that was coded with images. My friends and myself managed to decode the image, which got us this far:

    We know the bottom line makes sense, but the rest came out as complete gibberish. I’m not necessarily asking you to take the time to solve it (you have more important things to do) but maybe you have some advice? This sort of thing is out of my realm of expertise.

  3. Adell Says:

    If your interested, here’s an unaltered version: Seems whoever sent it is a fan of Sherlock Holmes?

    • saintofdeduction Says:

      Alors, I have not seen this cipher in many years. I do not have the time to brush up and decode it. I do, however, recall one thing I found interesting about it. The flags were often thought to mean one thing, when they meant another. Desolé, I do not have the time to do further research currently.

      • Adell Says:

        That’s okay, I appreciate even looking it over. Good luck with everything on your end.

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