Lecture Tomorrow (?!)

Speak of the devil! Remember that I spoke of a man named Pieter Verhaeren? Today a flyer was delivered to the Widdecombe announcing that – by chance – the very same man is going to speak publically at King’s College London tomorrow! He is a Flemish Nationalist and a traitor who advocates the division of my country Belgium. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is going to speak at the college in advocacy of Scottish independence and even some sort of pan-celtic nation, whatever that is?! It seems he is not content to meddle in the business of Dutch speakers, he wishes to divide any and all peoples against each other!

I tell you I am going to attend his talk tomorrow and give that man – as you say – “a piece of my mind!”


One Response to “Lecture Tomorrow (?!)”

  1. VicariousShaner Says:

    Excuse me for asking, but I’m not sure I’ve heard that “piece of my mind” phrase before? Where exactly did you find out that clever little inkling?

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