News from Belgium (C’est mauvais!)

In all my time getting used to the business of London, I long neglected to read of news from my home Belgium, and – Mon Dieu! – I am livid to hear what has happened to my beloved homeland! Belgians dividing amongst themselves, fighting against each other, threatening secession… it makes a man moan!

What matter is that some of us speak French and others Dutch? I speak English as well – are we to say I am English? No, that is not how it works!

Have you become so used to peace and prosperity that you have forgotten the struggle you endured? Have you not forgotten how patriots died fighting, the men who endured against the French, and then the Germans, all with no recompense but to die as Belgians? Was it so long ago? Or perhaps after centuries of having a cause to fight for you are restless and you are willing to pit Flemish and Walloon against each other to satisfy your boredom?

No, I have no sympathy for any effort by this advocacy of Flanders secession! Belgians of today have lost what kept you strong! You have lost your national identity, you have lost your historical Catholic faith, and instead of choosing to face your economic and social problems you choose instead to shove them into this arbitrary regionalism and squabble over scraps! I tell you, if Flanders does secede, then there will be nothing left of Belgium but scraps to squabble over! Do not murder the country I love and devoted so many of my precious years to!


2 Responses to “News from Belgium (C’est mauvais!)”

  1. OhNoABear Says:

    Oh, but dear Reynard, that sense of purely nationalistic pride without care for pragmatism is what lead to those wars you strove against!

    The land shall still be there, the people as well and their cities and towns. The culture and pride of the people shall always be maintainable. Why should they cling so strongly to the name of a country?

  2. saintofdeduction Says:

    Simple! A man needs to believe in something greater than himself – both in faith and society! If the country is allowed to fall then you harm the society – without which there is no justice, no law, no peace! And I am a man that cares for justice and the law, much more than these petty squabbles of different languages!
    Today it is Belgium; tomorrow it could be Flanders and Wallonia – but what of the day after?? It could be Anvers against the Bruxellois, then family against family and then every man for himself!
    NON! Just as cities and towns unite in harmony in a region, so must the regions unite in harmony as a country. And if a country cannot stay together with the bond of blood that earned its very existence, no bond could be strong enough!

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