What is this Euro?

I am very interested, confused, exhausted, by all the recent news about this European Union. It is bizarre and confusing spectacle, yet it feels to have happened before!

I assure you – I consider myself to be a very cosmopolitan man, and in many ways I sympathize with the goal of the European Union or ‘Euro’ to bring nations together and foster peace and prosperity. Yet I feel threatened by the manner in which it does; we seem to be coming together and unifying under a giant European ‘superstate’ and that threatens our individual national identities. We Belgians fought so hard to keep our independence from the political machinations of Germany and France and Holland, because we believed that our identity as Belgians transcended the politics of pragmatism. Many good Belgian patriots died in the trenches so that their country had sovereignty against the power of the German Empire – and yet in uniting under this European state I fear we risk giving our nation over to the political control of the Germans all the same!

And all countries are all obliged to treat their membership in the European Union with a sense of international responsibility they clearly do not have. And the trouble of a few countries has brought the entire continent is on the edge. This Union has revealed its underpinnings to be terribly fragile.

I will say though, it could be much worse; as international ‘Unions’ go, this one is relatively tame against the threat posed once by the vile godless Soviets, who used oppression to get their way across. Ultimately no one will listen to the word of an old-fashioned Belgian patriot in deciding the future of the Euro. We will have to wait and see what comes of it.


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